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BAC8din: Measurment of up to 8 Arduino analog inputs by AT commands (from PC, PLC...)

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XLoader exsample

Termite test...

Useful accessories:  
All offered codes here are FREE to use! Source codes and Your special requests are available via email!
R1-R8=100K-220K (optional)
Download the HEX codes below, unpack and upload to the proper Arduino board (Use a free net tool for example XLoader)
1. ATmega328-16MHz (MINI,NANO,UNO...): BAC8ain-m328
2. AtMega2560 (Mega(ATMEGA2560)........): BAC8ain-m2560
Based on the offered AT commands, you can develop your own PC, PLC ... communication code and applications...
Avaliable AT commands (Baud 9600,8 Data bits, None Parity,1 Stop Bit): You can test the uploaded code using some free serial software such as Termite (select: Append CR):
AT - attention command (return OK)
ATI - code info
VA - reading status of all inputs
V0x - reading status of single input x (x=1-8 0-1023)
Arduino code example (only 2 inputs): ACodeEx - Zip
See corresponding PC SCADA: BScada8V