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BAC16ain: Measurment of up to 16 Arduino analog inputs by AT commands (from PC, PLC...)

connections (click to enlarge)

XLoader exsample

Termite test...

Useful accessories:  
Final Hex or Arduino Source codes are available on Your request via email!
Download the HEX codes below, unpack and upload to the proper Arduino board (Use a free net tool for example XLoader)
AtMega2560-only (Mega(ATMEGA2560)........): BAC16ain_DEMO-m2560 - Try Demo Time limit to 2h - then restart!
Based on the offered AT commands, you can develop your own PC, PLC ... communication code and applications...
Avaliable AT commands (Baud 9600,8 Data bits, None Parity,1 Stop Bit): You can test the uploaded code using some free serial software such as Termite (select: Append CR):
AT - attention command (return OK), ATI - code info
VA - reading status of all inputs, Vx - reading status of single input x (x=01-16 0-1023)
Arduino code example (only 2 inputs): ACodeEx
See corresponding PC SCADA: BScada16V