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Free Hex & Exe code! Arduino source code available on email request only (copy and send next text): PCA108-ARDSC: Price=10 Euro

PCA108: Status control of up to 8 Arduino outputs from PC (with the memorized status of outputs when power interrupted)
After updating the offered Arduino code and PC Application, it is possible to directly control the operation of up to 8 outputs from the PC
For Arduino boards: NANO -- UNO -- MEGA
Arduino pins are used: see connections (Active output state (Hi): ON = 5V OFF = 0V)
Electrical note: (Recommendation: Use the following accessories for testing as well as for later use: Lnk1 - Lnk2 )
Take care that the current load per each output Arduino pin does not exceed 10mA!
Some examples of hardware that can be connected to output pins (valid for PC USB power supply only): SSR1 - SSR8
Other output elements can also be used, but take care of the power supply prescribed by the manufacturer user guide...
Note: Only the power supply of the device from the PC USB (total current consumption less than 300 mA)!
Recommended using an external voltage source 9V/1A (on dc plug or on VIN pin).
The last working state of all outputs is stored in the internal EPROM and when the power supply is interrupted (or RESET), the outputs are returned to the state before.
Download the HEX codes below, unpack and upload to the proper Arduino board (Use a free net tool for example XLoader)
1. uc ATmega328-16MHz (MINI,NANO,UNO..): PCA108-m328
2. uc AtMega2560 (Mega(ATMEGA2560)......): PCA108-M2560
Description of HexCode commands ( You can test the uploaded code using some free serial communication software such as Termite (select: Append CR)):
AT command (ASCII characters + ENTER) - Baud 9600,8 Data bits, None Parity,1 Stop Bit - AT commands must be uppercase, lowercase invalid
AT - attention command (return OK)
I? - software code info (return ucAppName)
RKA - reading status of all outputs (return Kxx=X (xx=01-08 X=1/0)
RKxx - reading status of single outputxx (return Kxx=X (xx=01-08 X=1/0)
WKxxH - set single OUTxx at HI(5V) level (return Kxx=1 (xx=01-08)) - example: WK03H
WKxxL - set single OUTxx at LO(0V) level (return Kxx=0 (xx=01-08)) - example: WK04L
WKAH - set all outputs at high (5V) level (return Kxx=1 (xx=01-08))
WKAL - set all outputs at low (0V) level (return Kxx=0 (xx=01-08))

PC Application(s) for offered Hex code (for WINDOWS):
In order for the offered PC applications to work, it is necessary to download and install (one time only) VB6RunTimePlus2.2
Download the PC application, unpack, and start (allow windows to start applications - see HOW) enter the COM port number where the Arduino is connected and test it...

Download: PcApp1