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misc: Wires: (link) 1--2--3
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- Need additional accessories:

Free Hex & Exe code! Arduino source code available on email request only (copy and send next text): PCV108-ARDSC: Price=10 Euro

PCV108: 8x DC Voltmeter in AD conversion (0-5V=0-1023 (can be multiplied by users multiplier in PcApp1))
The offered code shows the measured values 0-5v = 0-1023 ...
For Arduino boards: NANO - UNO - MEGA
Arduino pins are used: see connections
Electrical note: (Recommendation:Use the following accessories for testing as well as for later use: Lnk1 - Lnk2 )
Note: The measured voltage (A0-A7) must not exceed 5V! To increase the range of measured voltage can use a voltage divider (Link1).
Connect each input pin to GND via a 100K resistor (R1-R8).
An external 9V power supply (VIN/GND or on DC jack) is required.
Download the HEX codes below, unpack and upload to the proper Arduino board (Use a free net tool for example XLoader)
1. uc ATmega328-16MHz (MINI,NANO,UNO..): PCV108-m328
2. uc AtMega2560 (Mega(ATMEGA2560)......): PCV108-M2560
Description of HexCode commands ( You can test the uploaded code using some free serial communication software such as Termite (select: Append CR)):
AT command (ASCII characters + ENTER) - Baud 9600,8 Data bits, None Parity,1 Stop Bit
AT - attention command (returns OK)
I? - software code info (return ucAppName)
RVA - reading status of all values (return Vxx=X (xx=01-08 X=0-1023 (Vinx=0-5V))
RVxx - reading single status value xx (xx=01-08) (returns Vxx=0-1023 (Vinx=0-5V))

PC Application(s) for offered Hex code (for WINDOWS):
In order for the offered PC applications to work, it is necessary to download and install (one time only) VB6RunTimePlus2.2
Download the PC application, unpack, and start (allow windows to start applications - see HOW) enter the COM port number where the Arduino is connected and test it...

Download: PcApp1
Some features:
- PcApp makes a PcApp1Log folder (in application path) with stored measured values.
- Log files named in format (yy mm dd - Year Month Day).
- This data later can be analyzed from some other software to create graphs (eg Excel)
- Log File format - comma delimited