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- 7 Segment TM1637 display: (link) 1--2--3
- Push Button: (link) 1--2--3 or Switch:1--2--3
- RelayModule 4way: (link) 1--2--3
- PS9V/1A Power supply unit: (links) 1--2--3
misc: Wires: (link) 1--2--3 -- Resistors: (link) 1--2--3
connections (click to enlarge)
- Need additional accessories:

LDP211212: Blinker with 4 outputs and 8 setting time. Impulse1 + Pause1 --- Impulse4 + Pause4 - TryHex
The offered code enables: Start on S1: ImpulsX:OutX=ON & PauseX(Out1-4=OFF) (while S1 is closed)
For Arduino boards: NANO -- UNO -- MEGA
Electrical and practical notes:
Uses 9V/1A external power supply (VIN/GND) on DC plug (or external 5V/1A on 5V/GND pin).
For stable working use: R1-R3 = 3,3K - 4,7K
Display of the measured value is in the form of one decimal digit.
Use specified type of 7 segments display with decimal points only (not clock dots).
Each output can also drive other type of loads (instead relay module as show on connections) up to 5V/20mA (small or medium power SSR or similar)
Some ideas:
When S1 is closed, before apply power supply, code is activated immediately (while S1 is CLOSE).
You can program the data using (LED display+PB1+PB2), then its can be remove. Then controll of working is with position of S1 and power supply (according to set values).
Download TryHEX codes below, unpack and upload to the proper Arduino board (Use a free net tool for example XLoader)
1. uc ATmega328-16MHz-5V (NANO,UNO...): LDP211212try-m328 - Try version! Time1-Time8 limited settings to 0-10,0sec.
2. uc AtMega2560 (Mega(ATMEGA2560).....): LDP211212try-M2560 - Try version! Time1-Time8 limited settings to 0-10,0sec.
Final (no limit) Hex Code: Make a Donation and then send us an Email with next content: LDP211212 (FHC=FinalHexCode)

User guide manual:
After applying to the power (or reset), the display shows (----) about 3 sec. During that time:
DEFAULT reset settings: Press both buttons (PB1+PB2) and when the screen turns off release. Be sure to do it (only once) after uploading the hex code in Arduino! Default values: P10=5 P12=0
PRESET values settings: Press the PB1 button and when the screen turns off release:
P10: Display brightness intensity (0-7)
P12: no function yet
Additional preset values have no function in this project!
SETtings (from "oFF" state only (S1=OPEN) - all changes stay memorized):
SET values: Press the PB1(+) button (until the display goes off then release). The set values that can be changed on the buttons (PB1/PB2=+/-) is displayed. After 2 seconds of inactivity, the value on the display is stored.
tX1 xxx: ImpulseX time (X=1-4 OutX=ON) 0-999,9sec.
tX0 xxx: PauseX time (Out1-4=OFF) 0-999,9sec.
Status of outputs (while S1 is closed):
OutX=Active for fime tX1 (X=1-4)